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Genres: Documentary
Actors: David Ainley , Samuel S. Bowser , Regina Eisert , Kevin Emery , Ryan Andrew Evans , Ashrita Furman , Peter Gorham , Werner Herzog , William Jirsa , Karen Joyce , Doug MacAyeal , William McIntosh , Olav T. Oftedal , Clive Oppenheimer , David R. Pacheco Jr.
Director: Werner Herzog
Country: United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 (6108 votes)

Werner Herzog takes his camera to Antarctica where we meet the odd men and women who have dedicated their lives to furthering the cause of science in treacherous conditions. A scientist studies neutrinos, which are everywhere, yet elusive; he likens them to spirits. A researcher’s nighttime performance art includes contorting her body into a luggage bag. A survival guide teaches his students to survive white-out conditions by wearing cartoon-face buckets over their heads. Animal researchers milk mother seals as part of their study. Volcanologists offer advice on what to do when a volcano erupts. A pipefitter shows us the anomaly in his hands that he says are a sign he descended from Atzec royalty. A former Colorado banker drives what he has christened Ivan the Terra Bus. An underwater diver shows his colleagues DVDs of apocalyptic sci-fi films like Them! (1954). And — though Herzog declares he’s not “making another film about penguins” — we meet a penguin researcher who answers the filmmaker’s questions about homosexuality and insanity in his subjects. We also meet an individualist penguin, who breaks away from the other birds to run toward the mountains, facing certain death.

Film Review

Boorish and banal.The last vestiges of societal outcasts and the futile attempts to justify their relevance by chasing obscure theoretical evidence of the origins of life and the finality of global warming.This film does more to elevate the hypocrisy of their scientific ideologies rather than it does to support their theories.Herzog aimlessly wanders the periphery and interiors of Antarctica with little to no coherent theme. The inhabitants of the Antarctic outposts prove to be less than desirable subjects for interviews. The only common bond that they seem to emote is the fact that each has a story of disassociation from society and Antarctica is their last hope for relevance before they fall into an ash heap of obscurity.

Ultra-cool director Herzog is the ideal traveling companion to Antarctica, that dazzlingly white gem that may prove the ultimate survivor once global warming has run its course.Understated, politically incorrect, and quirkily curious, Herzog accompanies us from McMurdoe Station — the closest thing Earth's got to an extraterrestrial settlement — to eerily fuming Mt. Erebus and the cathedral-like depths beneath the ice shelf's "frozen sky." His interviews are addictive; once Herzog gets one of these scientists or adventurers talking, you're at your seat's edge, wondering where it'll go. And the results are equally poignant in Herzog's encounters with animals, from breast-milk-robbed sea lions to suicidally disoriented penguins.Ah yes, the penguins. As Herzog points out at the beginning, this ain't gonna be another penguin flick. And if he does touch on the cutesy birds, it's more likely going to be about their gayness or prostitution! …

Stunning vistas from the bottom of the world. Werner Herzog narrates his documentary film completed in 2007. Herzog and cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger make the journey to Antartica to meet people who live and work there. Scientists and researchers inhabit a location called McMurdo Station, where they choose to take on duties of maintenance, logistic and engineering personnel. Beautiful vistas filmed above and below the seemingly endless frigid tundra and frozen ice. Even brief footage of the preserved base of the Ernest Shackleton expedition and actual South Pole. Herzog's narration exclaims his film will not be of penguin families, but of the brave people exploring their dreams. Zeitlinger's camera captures an unbelievable landscape. There is fascinating footage shot of life under the ocean and far beneath the ice of an active volcano. This remarkable documentary features a soundtrack by legendary slide-guitarist David Lindley. Spellbinding film.


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