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Genres: Adventure , Action
Actors: Benoît Magimel , Clovis Cornillac , Géraldine Pailhas , Alice Taglioni , Philippe Torreton , Rey Reyes , Peter Hudson , Jean-Baptiste Puech , Christophe Reymond , Fiona Curzon , Jean-Michel Tinivelli , Frédéric van den Driessche , Eric Poulain , Pierre Poirot , Jean-Yves Chilot
Director: Gérard Pirès
Country: France
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 (2730 votes)

While in an international fair of exhibition of airplanes, a French Mirage 2000 of the last generation vanishes and pilots Antoine “Walk’n” Marchelli and Sebastian “Fahrenheit” Vallois are assigned to locate the plane that is flying in a hiding position below a commercial airplane. The pilots order the Mirage to return to the base, but the Mirage attacks Fahrenheit instead, and Walk’n immediately shots the Mirage saving his partner. However, the evidences are forged by the leader of a force called “Special Missions” and Walk’n is falsely accused of not following the orders and discharged from the air force. Blacklisted in the commercial flight companies, Walk’n and Fahrenheit are pressed to join the Special Missions team, where they disclose betrayals in a net of espionage.

Film Review

The comics adaptation isn't a trademark of the US, because French cinema is also filming French comics. Originally, the idea of this movie comes from 60s-70s comics called "The adventures of Tanguy & Laverdure". Never read one paperback so I can't tell if it's better or worse, but knowing that the characters are not called Tanguy & Laverdure, the omen aren't encouraging.Indeed, the movie is a disappointment. The story isn't interesting, because too much linear & predictable. The knights are better than excellent, the bad guys are very bad, the woman (greatly played by Miss Pailhas: OK, I admit: I'm a fan!) tries to be assertive in a men's world but finally succumbs to the Knight charm; all this wrapped in a military, terrorist two Euros-cents drama….If only the flying shots were great: Sure, they are: the first ones: after you have see 5 minutes, the following 90 are the same! Maybe I am rude, but the more depressing fact is that for…

The only casting error on this movie was casting Alice Taglioni as Capitaine Estelle 'Pitbull' Kass. She's a French actress supposedly playing an American pilot, she speaks French with a French accent ! Ridiculous! On the other hand, Rey Reyes as Capitaine Leslie 'Stardust' Hedget is far more believable : she speaks French with an American accent, like an American who learned French at school. Also, one big mistake I found in the movie : when two pilots are walking on the tarmac toward their aircrafts, one of them asks what is the mission. Don't they have briefings ? I thought fighter pilots knew exactly what their mission is before setting foot on the tarmac. Otherwise I totally loved that movie. I've seen it twice in theaters, and bought the DVD.Simon "Tuvok" Rancourt; 101th Virtual Fighter Squadron; Québec Air Force

The ministry of Defense in France needed more applications for the military, especially the air force, so they decided to commission a film. "Here's a few million euro's and make something decent an believable."The filmmakers took the money and had a brain storm session: -we need two friends in the military! -for one of them it's his life! -the other one is funny! -girls! Not one, two but three! -table dancing in a uniform! -terrorists! -terrorist plotting! -some corruption up high! -international conflict! -traitors! -an air race! -big finale above Paris!And they ended up putting all of that in the movie, gluing it together with the worst dialogue imaginable and a story that they made up along the way. Result: not a movie but a pile of scenes, scenery and credits accompanied by some random chosen music. Even Benoit Magimel could not lift that up to a decent standard. I wonder if the ministry of defense got its money back.


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