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Genres: Drama , Musical , Romance
Actors: Tyrone Power , Alice Faye , Don Ameche , Ethel Merman , Jack Haley , Jean Hersholt , Helen Westley , John Carradine , Paul Hurst , Wally Vernon , Ruth Terry , Douglas Fowley , Chick Chandler , Eddie Collins , Joseph Crehan
Director: Henry King
Country: United States
Year: 1938
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (735 votes)

This send-up of ragtime song and dance begins in 1915 San Francisco when society boy Roger Grant decides to pursue popular rather than serious music.

Film Review

"Alexander’s Ragtime Band" has always been a personal favorite of mine and an excellent example of the kind of lively and jubilant musicals Fox specialized during the golden age. It was a huge hit in its day and remains a huge improvement over the monotonous "In Old Chicago"(1937). I saw "Alexander’s Ragtime Band" again last night and it may well be my favorite Fox musical, though I have dozens of other favorites. Directed by the underrated Henry King with a rich and endlessly tuneful score, the film is a fictionalized account on the early days of jazz, and contains close to 30 Irving Berlin songs. Alice Faye never looked so ineffably beautiful, Tyrone Power never more charismatic, Don Ameche never more genial. It’s all about the music and the stars. A great timeless classic that becomes more entrancing and enriching with each viewing.

By day, young Roger Grant (young Tyrone Power) is part of a small orchestra playing chamber music for the gentry, but by night he becomes the baton wielding leader of a band of ragtime musicians. Quite why they need Roger is a bit of a mystery as all he does is stand in front of them waving a stick, but there you go. Anyway, the struggling band finally start to find success when they accidentally fall in with brassy young songstress Sally Kirby (Alice Faye). Despite her down to earth nature, both Roger and his best friend Charlie (Don Ameche, initially sporting a hairless upper lip) soon fall for her charms. You'd think this might introduce an element of friction into the men's friendship, but realising that it's Roger who Sally prefers, Charlie nobly steps aside to let nature take its course. However, when Sally receives an offer of work in New York from theatrical impresario Charles Dillingham (Joe King), the relationship is ended.The above summary covers only the fir…

The last time I saw this movie was probably the late ’60s, when I watched it on television with a group of friends. I just saw it again on DVD, and it’s as much fun as I remember it. In 108 minutes, I wouldn’t be surprised if 90 minutes was music, and what music! One Irving Berlin song after another, sung by either Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Ethel Merman, or Jack Haley. A young Merman, with a sexy figure, really pops in this film with her exciting belt voice.A thinnish plot surrounds the songs. It’s the story of a classical musician (Tyrone Power) who forms a swing band and, because of the song "Alexander’s Ragtime Band" takes the name Alexander for himself and the Ragtime Band for his group. The movie takes us loving, losing, and playing music through World War I and into the swing era, though there’s not a gray hair to be found among our heroes.Ameche and Power were friends before either one of them was signed by 20th Century Fox, and with Faye, they made "In Old Chicago…


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