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Genres: Drama
Actors: John Hurt , Denis O’Hare , Jonathan Tucker , Cynthia Nixon , Swoosie Kurtz , Nick Adams , Jeff Applegate , Silver Bramham , Twinkle Burke , David Douglas , Benjamin Eakeley , Alex C. Ferrill , Amy Gaipa , Robert Gomes , Craig muMs Grant
Director: Richard Laxton
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (625 votes)

Following the success of his television biography ‘The Naked Civil Servant’ Quentin Crisp is invited to America to lecture on How To Be Happy, and falls in love with New York’s more permissive ambiance. Agent Connie Clausen enables him to be a ‘resident alien’, writing film reviews and dispensing words of wisdom. Curious about but impervious to trends, he describes AIDS as a “fad, nothing more”, actually to divert heterosexual anger but he is misinterpreted and reviled by many gays. A return to popularity occurs when he helps Patrick Angus, a young, AIDS-afflicted artist attain fame for his paintings and his healthy cynicism is marketed by performance artist Penny Arcade, putting him back in the limelight. Poor health causes him to refuse a lecture tour of England but he gives a triumphant final audience at a gay club in Tampa. A postscript informs that he died at the age of 91.

Film Review

In this follow up to The Naked Civil Servant we see the final years of Quentin Crisp's life in New York. John Hurt is again Crisp (come on who else could play the part?) and its a role he inhabits to the point of disappearing. For me Hurt is Crisp and I've always found it very hard to take the man himself because Hurt was more him than he was himself. Its masterful performance. His equal is Denis O'Hare as Phillip Steele, Crisp's long time friend and confidant.Unfortunately outside of the performances the film has little to recommend it. To be certain the film gets the details right. Filmed in and around New York the film the film looks and feels like New York and its environs, but dramatically its kind of inert. Its Crisp talking to people being witty,trying to come to terms with the world as it is (he ended up regretting some poorly chosen words concerning AIDS) and dealing with the infirmities that old aged thrust upon him. Quentin the man is always interesting,…

AN ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK is a exceptionally well done film about the last years of the infamous Quentin Crisp (born Denis Charles Pratt, 25 December 1908 – 21 November 1999), an English writer and raconteur – one who is skilled at regurgitating funny anecdotes he heard someone else say first. Writer Brian Fillis has provided a highly polished script for director Richard Laxton, the two thus being able to bring to life this icon of homosexuality in the 1970s who, after publication of his memoir, The Naked Civil Servant, came to America to do 'speaking engagements', better described as cabaret comedy/philosophy routines. He dressed effeminately because that is the way he saw himself, and he adapted to life in New York with a joy that made people notice and respect him finally. John Hurt brings a brilliant luster to his role as the strange but lovely elderly Crisp who sits before audiences and says what comes to his mind. He is befriended by Christopher Street editor Phillip S…

This movie is worth seeing when it comes out on television. Everything about the film works, and I do mean everything! Brian Fillis certainly did his homework and scripted a show that holds one's interest, and will intrigue anyone who is unfamiliar with Quentin Crisp. Granted any made-for-television movie has limits of what can be written and shared, often dictated by time slots and network requirements, but this movie has surface and detail and informs. Brilliantly written and acted! John Hurt's performance is absolutely phenomenal and as otherworldly as Quentin Crisp was. Denis O'Hare's acting ability is fully on display throughout the film, providing a touching portrayal of someone who loved and cared for Quentin Crisp. Jonathan Tucker is a star and is spectacular in his role. Swoosie Kurtz and Cynthia Nixon provide colorful portrayals of two women in Quentin Crisp's New York life. Could not ask for a better cast. Definitely, see the film when it appears on…


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