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Genres: Film-Noir , Drama , Crime
Actors: Frankie Burke , Adrian Morris , Edward Pawley , Joe Downing , Bernard Punsly , Huntz Hall , Gabriel Dell , Leo Gorcey , Bobby Jordan , Billy Halop , George Bancroft , Ann Sheridan , Humphrey Bogart , Pat O’Brien , James Cagney
Director: Michael Curtiz
Country: United States
Year: 1938
IMDB Rating: 7.9/10 (11312 votes)

Rocky Sullivan and Jerry Connolly were tough kids who grew up together in the toughest part of New York — Hell’s Kitchen. Early on, Rocky gets sent to reform school, where he learns how to be a first class criminal. Jerry, who had escaped from the law, goes straight and becomes a priest. As adults, they reunite in the old neighborhood: Jerry works with the kids who, like he and Rocky, could end up on either side of the law. Rocky has returned looking for a safe place to stay till he can get back into his old racketeering organization — something that his old partner isn’t anxious to have happen. Lots of rapid fire wisecracks, roughhousing and gunfire ensues.

Film Review

I've watched all of Cagney's gangster films , and this one is the best. It delivers the best message, has the best acting and also benefits from the best cast assembled in any of Cagney's depression-era crime flicks. Rocky Sullivan's character is one that reverberates with us all, even the most hardened of criminals ( who aren't psychopathic) can relate to the ideas of regret and wishing you could so something good and atone for your misbehavior before leaving a world that was always rotten to you. Similarly, even a person who has led a life free of crime almost always wishes there was some way to atone for something they ha done at a certain point in their life. Redemption is a concept that hits home with everyone. Bogart plays his part as the deceptive 'pal' perfectly and with his trademark style , but is out-shined in this movie by the sensitive Father Jerry Connolly( portrayed by Pat O'Brien) – Rocky's childhood friend, a man who is fig…

This film is a masterpiece and is still great 70 years later. Being a kid born in the 90's, I was wondering before watching this how good could a film made in 1938 be? My attitude completely changed after watching this film. This film has everything thing, from actors (James Cagney) to music (Max Steiner) to action! The movie is a bit outdated, especially the way Cagney fires the gun which involves prodding your hand in front of you and firing a gun. Despite this, it will not ruin the overall experience as this is a classic that is still exciting today!The Cagney revenge scene is yet another reason to watch this movie, especially the way the music score starts pumping. An interesting note which was a bit unusual was the slapping of people. The movie is supposed to be a serious gangster film yet all the kids and Cagney seem to slap each other with money, newspapers etc. This is a must see for film noir fans!

Gangster Rocky Sullivan (James Cagney) has the world by the you-know-what. And then he takes a group of kids under his wing after they try to pickpocket him. But things get complicated when Father Jerry (Pat O'Brien) gets involved… he grew up with Rocky and tolerates his crimes, but cannot allow another generation to turn rotten.My editor, Jim, a former movie critic says, "Not a big fan of that one, largely because I don't like Pat O'Brien (even though he does star in my favorite newspaper movie, The Front Page, 1931… but that's great in spite of him). Cagney is great in it. Bogie had yet to break from the lower ranks at Warner Bros." In some regards, I agree, and not in others.I have no issue with O'Brien. I thought the character of Jerry was a bit odd… a priest who turns against his gangster friend (and mysteriously the gangster never gets upset about this). But that was the character, and O'Brien played him well. Cagney is "great&#…


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