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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Brent Gorski , Christopher Wyllie , Melissa Searing , Jay Brannan , Eli Kranski , Dawn Mondie , Joseph Roslan , Mathew Pasillas , Monica Todd , Isaiah Garnica , Yaniv Madmon , Megan Sheperd , Laura Jean Bransky , Daniel Burke , Nathan Jon
Director: Rosser Goodman
Country: United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 (553 votes)

Young, beautiful and intelligent, Trevor (screenwriter Brent Gorski) is in a stalemate. Entangled in an unhealthy relationship with Darrell, a self-destructive heroin addict, and trapped in a telemarketing job, Trevor finds scant comfort in Los Angeles’ vapid party scene, where conversation rarely rises above inquiries like “So, are you an actor?” Worse still, he and his two best friends – roommate Andie and singer Jake – are being pulled apart by boredom and discontent. At the hospital for his boyfriend’s latest overdose, Trevor finds a potential new beginning in Ephram, a medical intern with ambition, a warm demeanor and strikingly good looks. After they spend a romantic evening together, Trevor seems poised to make some changes. He begins by ending his relationship with Darrell and then strives to reconnect with Andie and Jake. But what should be a joyous event – a party celebrating a negative HIV test – explodes into rage and sorrow. Darrell shows up unannounced and makes a scene, Ephram suggests that Trevor isn’t ready for a commitment, and Andie, reeling from a painful revelation, kicks Trevor while he’s down. Though pulled in multiple directions, Trevor remains committed to bettering his life. But first he must realize that some people are too precious to abandon. Director Rosser Goodman (That’s What I’m Talkin’ ‘Bout, Frameline29) finds rich emotional territory in Gorski’s script, keeping it both focused and raw.

Film Review

Trying to plumb beneath the usual emotional shallows of twentysomething L.A. gay life, Holding Trevor sometimes succeeds, but mostly comes off as a vanity project for writer-star Brent Gorski. A lad with limited screen presence, he plays a protagonist caught between a longtime boyfriend-turned-junkie, an improbably perfect Mr. Right and two high-maintenance, brattily annoying best friends. Holding Trevor comes off as Joan Crawford-esquire, star-flattering melodrama on an Amerindie scale. There are several quite well-written, well-observed scenes; director Rosser Goodman delivers a polished product with solid tech values. But a vanity-project air still pervades Holding Trevor, from the scrawny stars frequent shirtlessness to his incessant fawning-over by Kranskis character.Melissa Searing and Eli Kranski (who is also that hoty that every movie must have or so it seems) gave good roles, Gorski is better as writer, Brannan as musician… Best scenes are sex scenes, that's indeed tast…

I was fortunate to see Holding Trevor and this film can and should propel all the principles into more film work.Brent Gorski wrote the script and stars but he has written story lines that enable each of the 4 main characters to shine.Director Rosser Goodman shows us a believable look at a tight-knit group of friends in LA. (Please don't think: 'The Hills'. These friends live probably in the flats — geographically and perhaps philosophically miles away.) They're gay, straight, funny, caring but these aren't 'sit-commy' friends. I'm sure if you see this film you'd say: 'I know somebody just like that.'Goodman strikes just the right tone of humor and pathos. We can relate to the twists and turns life takes while we're trying to find happiness. On top of that — good music, too! Sometimes the phrase "low-budget movie' may not inspire one to go see it. But, that would be too bad because honest, heartfelt films made by passionate fi…

This starts off with a straight woman masturbating in bed where she's disturbed by a gay male friend phoning her . The gay male friend then has his partner perform fellatio on him and then the partner suffers a drugs OD . Have I mentioned that the opening credits haven't finished at this point ?Oh dear yet another feature from independent cinema . Maybe there is a market for this type of very limited release . Maybe there isn't . Or maybe the whole film's function is to make a film so the production team can hone their film making skills before moving on to better things . I've got to brutally honest and say the production team on HOLDING TREVOR still have a long way to go The fundamental problem is that very little of note happens in the film . Characters spout existentialist dialogue in a totally unconvincing pretentious manner . There is not one sympathetic character in the movie and for a film that supposedly is made to appeal to a gay audience the gay cha…


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