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Genres: Drama , Western
Actors: Joseph Fiennes , David Wenham , Adrian Lester , Anne Brochet , Nikolina Kujaca , Rosemary Murphy , Vlado Jovanovski , Salaetin Bilal , Vera Farmiga , Matt Ross , Meg Gibson , Tamer Ibrahim , Vladimir Jacev , Vladimir Gjorgjijoski , Zora Georgieva
Director: Milcho Manchevski
Country: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (1447 votes)

Two inter-cut tales of redemption, a century apart. Late in the 1800s, two brothers feud over a woman. She marries one; the other, Luke, a deadly gunslinger, becomes a soldier of fortune in Macedonia, helping Turks keep local Christians in line. He’s after money. Wounded, he’s nursed by a pregnant villager who urges him to “kill for good, not for gold.” A dying old woman in modern Manhattan tells Luke’s story; her listener is Edge, a young thief who’s burgled her flat to pay off crooked cops who can send him to jail. He listens with the desperate hope that he’ll find gold that he thinks she has. The stories intersect when Edge sorts out the old woman’s connection to Luke.

Film Review

Firstly, I’m a huge David Wenham fan. Didn’t read anything about the plot before renting it. I was really surprised by the film’s beginning, having no cowboys or Macedonians in sight. This was an interesting Rashomon-like tale, but I really didn’t care for two of the storytellers – the old lady and the burglar. I think the story would’ve worked better just told from the two brothers point of view; no silly subplot about gangsters and gold coins.Joseph Fiennes is hardly in the movie, and when he is, he mostly quotes the Bible in a horrid accent. David Wenham’s American accent was even worse. For me to say anything negative about Wenham…it must be really bad. He also screamed in anguish at the sky so much I could only think "Mendooooza!" (from the Simpsons’ "McBain" movies). Visually, this film was very beautiful, not just because of a handsome lead either, but very engaging use of colors, costumes and landscape. The way images from the past and future collided wa…

When we first put Dust into the DVD player and the film started, I wondered if maybe the video-rental store put the wrong dvd in the case. As the story progressed, I was enamored by the brilliant execution of story within story within story. The world needs more films like this, with semi-unfamiliar faces who don’t need to work so hard convincing us that they are indeed this character they portray. This is one of those films people will still be talking about in 25 years; a monumental masterpiece that broke the grounds in straightforward plot-telling!!

This could have been a great movie but it was long and confusing. It started as a strange modern-day drama, then moved to the old west and kept going back and forth and at times it even had both at the same time. The acting was good but the story execution was poor. It was very violent but the actors looked good. There were beautiful sets and scenery as well as interesting costumes. There was some old lady nudity, a little strange but, it was not in a sexual situation so I guess it was OK, I didn’t really see the point. There was female nudity but I was very let down when there was no Fiennes or Wenham butts. I think that this was a wonderful idea but not viewer-friendly. I would say if you are bored, check it out for an interesting genre but if you have another movie, I would bet my money on watching something else.


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