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Genres: Crime , Drama , Mystery
Actors: Robert Blake , Billy Green Bush , Mitch Ryan , Jeannine Riley , Elisha Cook Jr. , Royal Dano , Hawk Wolinski , Peter Cetera , Terry Kath , Lee Loughnane , Walter Parazaider , Joe Samsil , Jason Clark , Michael Butler , Susan Forristal
Director: James William Guercio
Country: United States
Year: 1973
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (2424 votes)

A short Arizona motorcycle cop gets his wish and is promoted to Homicide following the mysterious murder of a hermit. He is forced to confront his illusions about himself and those around him in order to solve the case, eventually returning to solitude in the desert.

Film Review

Electra Glide in Blue, a 1973 film notable for being director James William Guercio's debut film, stars Robert Blake and Billy "Green" Bush as two cops who attempt to fulfill their own dreams: John (Blake) – a promotion; Zipper (Bush) – a bike. This film has recently gained critical praise, despite the original derision towards it and the dismal box office numbers for a film of this caliber. It's also notable for being the beginning of the short-lived acting careers of many Chicago members (all four of them play minor-role hippies).For the plot: in a nutshell, John wants to get a promotion while Zipper wants the best bike in the world. John gets his promotion (to detective's driver), but with an added price: either conform to what detective Harve says or to write tickets on a motorcycle. John, seeing what Harve does for confessions and to solve murder cases quick, gives up his dream to find another one, leading to his own death. As for Zipper, he steals someth…

"Electra Glide In Blue" was shown late one night on TV and I can’t really tell you what made me watch it. Some movie that is over three decades old about some short cop who wants to be like "Dirty Harry"? I thought it’d be a comedy. It wasn’t and seemed to be aiming at being deep and philosophical when in reality there was much filler and a faint whiff of pretentiousness. This movie was made in the aftermath of Vietnam and you can really tell because there is a less than subtle message here questioning "What is happening to America these days?". The movie has also dated quite badly. You see, this is a movie that could ONLY have been from the early to mid 1970’s. It has the same feel to it as many movies of that era complete with the then customary downbeat ending for movies of it’s genre. But WHAT and ending! and it is the ending that is in my opinion – the saving grace of this movie and what undoubtedly sticks in the memory about the viewing experience. …

With those evocative images and that emotionally charged music, the final fifteen minutes are electrifying. It's all about America, and a terrible ten years of assassinations, Viet Nam, and countless other cultural strife. The film's ending is saying … enough is enough. Let the healing begin. And as American culture bled in the late 1960s and early 1970s, so too did the emotional lives of individuals, like the hodgepodge of aggrieved characters that come and go in this story.Seeing some of these people and listening to their individual stories of pain and suffering is John Wintergreen (Robert Blake), a by-the-book Arizona motorcycle cop, short on stature but tall on dreams. Sometimes with his partner Zipper (Billy Green Bush), "Big John" encounters these tormented souls, on the road mostly. That's his job. The film's story is an ode to the courage and nobility of ordinary Americans pained by reality with only their dreams to comfort them.The film's disj…


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