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Genres: Crime , Drama
Actors: Robert De Niro , Harvey Keitel , David Proval , Amy Robinson , Richard Romanus , Cesare Danova , Victor Argo , George Memmoli , Lenny Scaletta , Jeannie Bell , Murray Moston , David Carradine , Robert Carradine , Lois Walden , Harry Northup
Director: Martin Scorsese
Country: United States
Year: 1973
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (44037 votes)

The future is set for Tony and Michael – owning a neighbour- hood bar and making deals in the mean streets of New York city’s Little Italy. For Charlie, the future is less clearly defined. A small-time hood, he works for his uncle, making collections and reclaiming bad debts. He’s probably too nice to succeed. In love with a woman his uncle disapproves of (because of her epilepsy) and a friend of her cousin, Johnny Boy, a near psychotic whose trouble-making threatens them all – he can’t reconcile opposing values. A failed attempt to escape (to Brooklyn) moves them all a step closer to a bitter, almost preordained future.

Film Review

Mean Streets is a crime film that stars Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro. The plot examines the daily struggles of a wannabe hood to keep his morals straight on the streets of Little Italy.David Proval,Amy Robinson,Richard Romanus and Cesare Danova play key supporting roles.It was directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Scorsese and Mardik Martin.Driven equally by his wish to become a respectable gangster like his uncle and his desire to live his life like St. Francis, Charlie takes on his energetically unhinged friend Johnny Boy as his own personal penance, intervening to get Johnny Boy to pay off a debt to the local loan shark Michael. Despite his promises to his epileptic girlfriend Teresa that they will move out of Little Italy once he strengthens his position in his uncle's world, Charlie's involvement with Johnny Boy further ensnares him in the neighborhood. When Johnny Boy decides to mouth off to Michael rather than pay him, Charlie, Johnny Boy, and Teresa try to f…

This is to mob films what "American Graffiti" is to college: none of the guys, twenty-somethings hanging around New York, are in the mafia (like in director Martin Scorsese's latter GOODFELLAS), but might be on their way.Harvey Keitel plays Charlie, the title character that lives to know everyone. His uncle is a Mafioso and Charlie only sees the inner-workings like a kid staring through a peephole.David Proval is Tony, a friendly but tough dude who owns the local hangout bar, providing an essential base.Robert Romanus is Michael, the only character with real potential at becoming a mobster. And Robert DeNiro, as a freewheeling, very troublesome small-time hood, Johnny, becomes Michael's thesis: the longer Johnny owes, the tougher Michael gets.And the only real "plot" is that Charlie (Keitel) will do anything to keep helping Johnny out of the hole; but Johnny likes the hole just fine… leading to an inevitable, and intense, climax: enveloping this as o…

Having watched this mess of a film some years back and seeing so many positive reviews on here I decided to watch again thinking maybe I missed something. Nope. Didn't miss a thing. Great actors and a great director don't necessarily make a great movie. This is a springboard for all of them to move on to better projects, nothing more.Every film and/or book must have characters you care about. Well, at least one character. But I couldn't manage to give a hoot about a single character during the entire movie. Not one.And what's with so much music? Scorsese didn't seem to know whether he wanted to make a movie with a story or merely throw a non-ending series of songs together. The final result was nothing but a jumbled mess.At least all the actors and director went on to produce much better works.


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