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Genres: Family , Drama
Actors: Burl Ives , Beulah Bondi , Bobby Driscoll , Luana Patten , Harry Carey , Raymond Bond , Walter Soderling , Matt Willis , Spelman B. Collins , John Beal , Ken Carson , Bob Haymes , The Rhythmaires
Director: Harold D. Schuster , Hamilton Luske
Country: United States
Year: 1948
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (422 votes)

A Wonderful Story that will be Dear to Your Heart!

Film Review

This film was another opportunity to see the talented Bobby Driscoll(possibly the best child actor of all time) and Luana Patten(the epitome of feminine demureness and modesty in a child actress). Although not as good overall as The Song of the South, which featured Driscoll and Patten at a younger age, this film celebrates the anglo-protestant core of America, and the honesty and religious values of America's past before Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson launched us on the road to empire-a road Americans never wanted to travel. The animated beginning is poignant, and the Christian faith that unselfconciously permeates the film portray America's rural past as an idyll, The cast is superb-Harry Carey captures perfectly the kindly rectitude of an older generation of Americans as the chief livestock judge at the county fair-he has the air of a stern but insightful church deacon, touched by and concerned with rewarding the virtues he sees in the emerging generation of his day. Be…

Like other Disney's films, simplicity is the support of an intense message about life.I think this old movie would be seen by today's children, considering the actual tendency to loose essential valors and go on the fantastic ways, putting wonder-workers and extraordinary actions on service of something in the antipodes of the day by day. This movie is today more important than it was in 1948. Then it was a poetic image of real life and real valors. Today it proposes the recuperation of a lost paradise. But the real paradise built by man's inside.Yonder postures and feelings, the music represents, per sea,the right sonorous image of life equilibrium:support,tenderness and peace. Remains of a lost paradise is, today and by me, the true sense of this great Walt Disney's film.


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