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Genres: Short , Animation
Actors: Richard White , Dorothy McGinnis , Virginia Maitland , Robert Chadwick
Director: David Lynch
Country: United States
Year: 1970
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (2714 votes)

An imaginative lad of about ten has a couple of problems: he wets his bed, and his parents are abusive and disgusting. In a spare room, he finds a bag of seeds, which he plants in soil that he’s placed in the middle of a single bed. The seed sprouts and grows into a grandmother, who’s loving and approving. Life with his parents and with his imagination continues. Is a smiling grandmother enough to get him through?

Film Review

This film is a must-see for anyone interested in the world of surreal cinema. Combines fascinating visual metaphor with rich, vivid animation to create a disturbing ambience that draws the viewer in, like a fish caught on a hook. The music (provided by a collective of music engineers known as "Tractor") is like a grey canopy that wraps itself over your mind as you find that time and space and your life outside of a cold, flickering living room seem to fade into this backdrop of radioactive multimedia. Make no mistake about it, Lynch is an artist of the highest calibur, and in this gripping work he uses everything in the film as a medium to transmit his imagination to the outside world.P.S. – If you like Lynch’s style, I suggest looking into the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Luis Bunuel & Jean Cocteau. All of them brilliant artists in their medium.

David Lynch’s The Grandmother is a 34-minute-long experimental nightmare. The absurdly dark, ominous visuals suggest the film is set inside a madman’s nightmare, though it actually refers to the nuclear American family gone horribly wrong. Dialogue-free except for primal grunting and barking, The Grandmother is carried solely through dramatic acting and striking visuals. The soundtrack is cramped with white noise such as discordant grating, creaking and droning that compliments the already disturbing atmosphere. Lynch mixes hand-drawn animation with live-action in an effort to create a world as disturbing as it is surreal. The film’s four characters remain nameless, appearing to be generic symbols.The Boy, whom the narrative centers on, is neglected and abused by his parents who treat him like an unwanted nuisance. They literally bark, growl, and crawl on all fours, symbolizing their distance from being human. All of the actors are caked with white powder makeup that causes their ski…


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