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Genres: Horror , Mystery
Actors: Peter Cushing , André Morell , Christopher Lee , Marla Landi , David Oxley , Francis De Wolff , Miles Malleson , Ewen Solon , John Le Mesurier , Helen Goss , Sam Kydd , Michael Hawkins , Judi Moyens , Michael Mulcaster , David Birks
Director: Terence Fisher
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1959
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (4154 votes)

Returning to his family’s manor house on the lonely moors after his father dies under mysterious circumstances, Sir Henry Baskerville is confronted with the mystery of the supernatural hound that supposedly takes revenge upon the Baskerville family. The famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson are brought in to investigate.

Film Review

Before England's Hammer Films went strictly horror, they produced this handsome second-version of what became an oft-filmed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle suspense yarn, previously made in 1939 with Basil Rathbone. Sherlock Holmes (a good–not great–Peter Cushing) unravels the mysterious case of an apparent curse placed upon a prestigious family near the Moors. When we do get to see the hellish hound of the title, it's strangely anti-climactic, and the pacing of the film is inert. The Technicolor photography and production design are very good however, and Christopher Lee gives a solid performance as a 'doomed' descendant (his run-in with a tarantula is a highlight). Apparently, this was meant by Hammer to be the first in a Holmes series, but Doyle's trust–and the public's indifference–scuttled those plans. ** from ****

This adaptation was really good, on par with the Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett adaptations and marginally better than the Ian Richardson version, though that was decent. It doesn't have the slow pacing of the Jeremy Brett version though, or the rushed ending of the Basil Rathbone film and that is a good thing. Whatever minor flaws this film has, I felt the beginning wasn't quite as atmospheric as the rest of the adaptation, this is still a wonderful film with a great atmosphere and cast.It looks good, the sets are detailed, the cinematography is innovative and the costumes are great, painting a sort of romantic atmosphere in a dark way, while the hound is quite scary. The score is also suitably eerie, the story doesn't meander, the direction from Terence Fisher is excellent and the script is well written. And the acting is wonderful. Personally I thought Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett are better in the role, but Peter Cushing gives one of his finer performances regar…

Two great things that go great together: Sherlock Holmes and Hammer Films! This is the first Holmes film shot in color, and it has a lot to offer. First of all, Peter Cushing is a remarkably good Holmes and quite faithful to the Conan Doyle conception of the character. He was a huge fan of the original stories and knew them quite well; it certainly translates onto the screen. Equally important, Andre Morrell does a superb turn as Dr. Watson, probably the most faithful and accurate portrayal of the doctor up to this point. The supporting cast is peopled with various Hammer stalwarts, foremost among them none other than Christopher Lee as Sir Henry. There are a few changes made to fit the novel into the Hammer style of horror a bit more closely (Sir Henry is menaced by a tarantula!), but they don't detract from the overall effectiveness. The Hound looks suitably menacing, fitted with a demonic dog mask to increase the spookiness, Cushing has a fun scene flinging a dagger into a tab…


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