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Genres: History , Drama , Action
Actors: Hugh Dancy , Kim Coates , Gabriel Casseus , Sam Shepard , Ewen Bremner , William Fichtner , Eric Bana , Tom Sizemore , Ewan McGregor , Josh Hartnett , Ron Eldard , Ioan Gruffudd , Tom Guiry , Charlie Hofheimer , Danny Hoch
Director: Ridley Scott
Country: United States
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 (179194 votes)

Action/war drama based on the best-selling book detailing a near-disastrous mission in Somalia on October 3, 1993. On this date nearly 100 U.S. Army Rangers, commanded by Capt. Mike Steele, were dropped by helicopter deep into the capital city of Mogadishu to capture two top lieutenants of a Somali warlord. This lead to a large and drawn-out firefight between the Rangers and hundreds of Somali gunmen, leading to the destruction of two U.S. Black Hawk helicopters. This film focuses on the heroic efforts of various Rangers to get to the downed black hawks, centering on Sgt. Eversmann, leading the Ranger unit Chalk Four to the first black hawk crash site, Warrant Officer Durant who was captured after being the only survivor of the second black hawk crash, as well as many others who were involved.

Film Review

After the success of Saving Private Ryan in 1998, the war movie was rebranded from the moral fable of the Vietnam era to something that was essentially an exciting experience for its audience. Black Hawk Down was perhaps the most extreme example of that approach, a pure video-game movie that pares down all the camaraderie and humanising to just a handful of brief exchanges, and puts almost all its attention upon the actual business of killing each other.However Black Hawk Down differs from a lot of modern action pictures in its pacing, as orchestrated by director Ridley Scott. Eschewing the usual frenetic overkill, Scott takes a relatively relaxed approach. In the first Lord of the Rings movie, which was released the same week, the average shot length must be something like two seconds. In Black Hawk Down the average shot length is more like three to four seconds, and it makes all the difference. There is time to savour expressions and notice tiny details, making up for the lack of ro…

This is the most bull**t movie i have ever seen in my whole life! The story are totally full of lies, because the American soldiers NAVY SEALS at that time, are WHIMPERING asking to be saved. Everyone knows bout this. I have a business partner who was involved at that time, and he is a Malaysian, where he was the captain of the squad leader. He told me all the actual stories. The Malaysian fighter were ordered to retreat, but he changed the goddamn order and brought his men for a rescue mission. He and his men found the NAVY SEALS soldiers whimpering and crying out loud asking to be saved, and he knock that guy out and drag all of them to safety. The Malaysian soldiers went through again to find any survivors and rescued all of them. By the time, the NAVY SEALS were in truck retreating.These Malaysian squad who went back there and saves people lives! Not the f***ing NAVY SEALS. And yet,this film trying to prove that the American soldiers are the real heroes, when it is not! It was the…

The prolong CQB actions are pretty realistic and my 8 stars is solely based on this achievement. It's simply one of the best in the industry. I am sure everyone involved have put in a lot of effort in this and I salute them for it. Dialogs about how the soldiers felt and how they encourage one another are one of the weaknesses of the movie. Not a lot of depth and almost laughable. The Somalians were depicted like cartoon characters. That's something can, clearly, be improved upon. The dialogs between the Somalian warlord and the captured America pilot can also be improved upon. Somehow, dialogs in this movie showed a clear consistent weakness.


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