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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Actors: Troy Ruptash , Emily Mortimer , Brenda Blethyn , Raven Goodwin , Catherine Keener , Ileen Getz , Kristen Dalton , Romy Rosemont , Aunjanue Ellis , Brooke Allison , Jennifer Zehnder , James LeGros , Ashlynn Rose , Clark Gregg , Dreya Weber
Director: Nicole Holofcener
Country: United States
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (4620 votes)

The Marks family is a tightly-knit quartet of women. Jane is the affluent matriarch whose 3 daughters seem to have nothing in common except for a peculiar sort of idealism. Setting the tone of vanity and insecurity, Jane is undergoing cosmetic surgery to alter her figure, but serious complications put her health in real danger. Former homecoming queen Michelle, the eldest daughter, has one daughter of her own and an alienated, unsupportive husband. Elizabeth, the middle sister, has an acting career that is beginning to take off, but is timid and insecure, and habitually relieves her trepidation by taking in stray dogs. Only the youngest sister, Annie, an adopted African American 8-year-old, stands a chance of avoiding the family legacy of anxious self-absorption. If only her intelligence and curiosity will see her through what promises to be a confusing adolescence. Each of the women seeks redemption in her own haphazard way.

Film Review

I read the pretentious mumblings of the director for this "work" of total junk. She's a "feminist", she thinks that worrying about her fat ass is not superficial… and if you think THAT is bad – go and see her film. It is an insult to women, an insult to feminists – and an insult to the intelligence of its supposed audience. There is not one single redeeming feature about this film; badly acted, badly written, badly filmed. Completely unbelievable. And not one shred of charm. The director has a Black brother so she thinks she can write a film with a Black adopted kid in it and make it interesting. She can't. In fact, the only thing I noticed about the Black kid is that she was a total brat and that no-one – I mean NO-ONE – tries to teach her either manners or responsibility for any of her actions. She gets away with everything she does and gets hugged for being bad. Yeah, right! Just what we need. another Black kid with attitude… (don't blame me for …

When I see reviews calling films like these "boring" or "who cares"? I just want to tell them to quit watching these quiet, meditative people-focused films and just go line up for FAST AND FURIOUS already!LOVELY AND AMAZING is one of my favorite little indie films, starring Emily Mortimer (one of my favorites since she gave that courageous and intense performance in YOUNG ADAM), Catherine Keener and Brenda Blethyn, about a dysfunctional family. Like many of my favorite people films, this one doesn't have a concrete plot, which some people absolutely demand anymore, or a nice, neat little ending tied in ribbons. It simply lets you follow the characters around and get a look at their screwed-up lives.Mortimer plays a young actress who frets over her bodily imperfections and is beginning to lose hope that she'll ever get that big part that will break her out in Hollywood. Keener plays the older married sister, whose marriage is crappy to say the least, and w…

5 minutes into the movie: no Jake Gyllenhaal. So far so good.15 minutes into the movie. L&A is clearly not gearing up to be a classic. But at least there is still no Gyllenhaal in sight.30 minutes into the movie. The movie is nothing special, with relatively interesting but slightly to very annoying characters, to the most part. But Jake hasn't made his appearance yet, so I am not complaining.37 minutes. There he is, and not a moment too late. With funny hair, that annoying drowsy gaze, a perpetual grin that replaces any acting he might have to do, and a voice gentler than a mermaid's: the male movie star of this new, demented age. The scene in which Keener gets arrested is when his "nepotistic acting method" hits its absolute low.I am quite satisfied with L&A's (adult) casting, apart from Jake who sticks out among these names like a sore thumb: Mulroney, Keener, Mortimer, Blethyn, Le Gros… Gyllenhaal. See what I mean? A very sore thumb indeed. …


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