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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Victor Moore , Beulah Bondi , Fay Bainter , Thomas Mitchell , Porter Hall , Barbara Read , Maurice Moscovitch , Elisabeth Risdon , Minna Gombell , Ray Mayer , Ralph Remley , Louise Beavers , Louis Jean Heydt , Gene Morgan
Director: Leo McCarey
Country: United States
Year: 1937
IMDB Rating: 8.1/10 (2716 votes)

At a family reunion, the Cooper clan find that their parents’ home is being foreclosed. “Temporarily,” Ma moves in with son George’s family, Pa with daughter Cora. But the parents are like sand in the gears of their middle-aged children’s well regulated households. Can the old folks take matters into their own hands?

Film Review

I had a pretty solid Top 10 List for the 1930s. I guess something must come off so I can slip this movie on there.Not a subject many people want to dwell on–the care of aging parents. But the movie is pretty level-headed about it all, and not a sermon in any way. Nor does the audience feel manipulated in that patronizing Capra way (i.e. the scene on the bus with the mom and child in It Happened One Night, which makes me want to puke every time I see it). It takes a lot for a movie to make a cynic like me cry, but the moment with the orchestra leader…well boy that did it.What a beautiful little film. Utterly off the radar thanks to years of languishing in the vaults. It's one of those studio system products in which every aspect–script, acting, music, sets–falls just so perfectly into place.

In Hollywood your career is already mostly over once you're over the age of 40, especially if you're a female. This in the '30's was even more so the case then now days actually. So making a movie about 2 aging people was quite an unique and daring move for 1937 standards. For this the movie mostly deserves credit but it on top of that is also simply a fine movie, that gets carried by its story and strong characters.It's not the usual sappy dramatic story and movie as perhaps you would normally expect from a '30's movie. It instead is a movie that focuses on some more real emotions of life, without ever having to force to much with its emotions to carry out its story and perhaps also some morals.Well yes, it's a '30's movie set in the '30's, so of course it's sort of outdated with its story. In this modern age the two elderly people the movie focuses on shall be less lonely and they at least will remain more in contact w…


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