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Genres: Drama , History , War
Actors: Cillian Murphy , Padraic Delaney , Liam Cunningham , Orla Fitzgerald , Mary O’Riordan , Mary Murphy , Laurence Barry , Damien Kearney , Frank Bourke , Myles Horgan , Martin Lucey , Aidan O’Hare , Shane Casey , John Crean , Máirtín de Cógáin
Director: Ken Loach
Country: Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10 (25516 votes)

Ireland, 1920. Damien and Teddy are brothers. But while the latter is already the leader of a guerrilla squad fighting for the independence of his motherland, Damien, a medical graduate of University College, would rather further his training at the London hospital where he has found a place. However, shortly before his departure, he happens to witness atrocities committed by the ferocious Black and Tans and finally decides to join the resistance group led by Teddy. The two brothers fight side by side until a truce is signed. But peace is short-lived and when one faction of the freedom-fighters accepts a treaty with the British that is regarded as unfair by the other faction, a civil war ensues, pitting Irishmen against Irishmen, brothers against brothers, Teddy against Damien….

Film Review

This comes with a lot of baggage but we can blame the director Ken Loach for that . I do remember seeing a panel at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival where Loach had a panel publicising HIDDEN AGENDA and continually shouted his mouth off about " An army of occupation in Northern Ireland " . The bitter irony was that film had very little if any IRA bias at least in comparison to Hollywood nonsense like THE DEVIL'S OWN . Tirades like that do Loach no favour since at least two critics attacked the film for anti British bias only to be found out that they'd not actually seen the film ! Loach has that effect on people and his " socially aware realist dramas " set on housing estates are very condescending and patronising which leave him open to attack , even by people who live on the mean streets and consider themselves left wing . In short it's very difficult indeed to watch a Loach film with an open mind which is a great shame because this is heads and shoul…

1920: Two Irish brothers, Damion O'Donovan (played by Cillian Murphy) and Teddy O'Donovan (Pádraic Delaney) join the IRA to fight for independence.I thought at first this was going to be just another war drama, but the movie gives a very authentic feeling, and at times I almost forgot I was watching actors. There's a real sense of place, time and mentality.The movie is being clever by not turning the Irish fighters into superheroes but rather as scared and proud people who didn't always agree on what is right to do in terms of justice between themselves. There is a great court scene explaining this very point.In the end, you could say it's also the story of two brothers the war has divided, the way it has divided their whole land. One one side, those fighting for the Free State Treaty, the others fighting against it.

"It's easy to know what you're against, quite ignorant to know what you're for." One funny thing about life is that the story which has torn your heart apart ten years ago may just as well make you laugh today. Yes you can say that time is a thieve, but while he's taking from you, he's also giving you back, though not exactly the things you want. So little by little, you've been changed into a another character even yourself couldn't understand.Everything in The Wind That Shakes the Barley is a total mess, war, freedom, country, love, brotherhood… It left an impression that all is in vain, the world only takes away what is precious and beautiful and leaves behind the broken remains, yet those remains have to carry on. What happened in Ireland nearly a century ago looked quite familiar to that in China thirty years ago, reckless young men throwing their lives for unrealistic dreams, but no one would or could moan for them. Maybe one day so…


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