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Genres: History , Drama , Action
Actors: Michael Bates , Susannah York , Patrick Wymark , Robert Shaw , Ralph Richardson , Michael Redgrave , Christopher Plummer , Nigel Patrick , Laurence Olivier , Kenneth More , Ian McShane , Curd Jürgens , Trevor Howard , Michael Caine , Harry Andrews
Director: Guy Hamilton
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1969
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (10168 votes)

Historical reenactment of the air war in the early days of World War Two for control of the skies over Britain as the new Luftwaffa and the Royal Air Force determine whether or not an invasion can take place.

Film Review

If you love to see old planes of the German's and British, this is the film for you. There is excellent photography and you actually see how the German's bombed London and destroyed many parts of the city and also how people ran to the air-raid shelters. There is a husband and wife who have joined the RAF and it clearly shows the problems of a married couple both serving in the same unit. There were many young British gals who joined up to serve their country and it showed the dramatic strain it had on all these very young girls. This is a great film because it shows how the British had to fight with the German's and the horrible bombings the German's did to the British people.

Guy Hamilton directs this M-G-M well photographed battle of Britain. It is inevitable that Hitler's Luftwaffe under Goering's blueprint will attempt destroying British air power. The RAF recovers from attacks in southern England and Air Chief Marshall Hugh Dowling(Laurence Olivier)nears desperation in maintaining rosters of experienced pilots and the German air attacks puts strain on the RAF. When a German plane accidentally bombs London, the British shows their might by shelling Berlin. Major cities in England are targeted for destruction, but with the aid of Polish and Czech pilots the Royal Air Force has regrouped and puts up strong enough resistance that the order to invade England is canceled. Technicolor adds to the late 60s F/X and makes for a interesting enough movie to overlook roller-coaster tempo. Outstanding cast almost makes you forget you've been watching for over 2 hours. The great Olivier shares the screen with Michael Cain, Curt Jurgens, Trevor Howard, Chr…

What is Guy Hamilton's 1969 film entitled Battle of Britain? The short answer is that it's a cracking yarn about a British triumph over a foe that dares to try and attack the nation, spreading hate and evil in the process. I think Guy Hamilton, with this project, has made something that combines an historical retelling; that balances front-line subject matter with command centre subject matter; shows us how the Battle of Britain and consequent bombings affected all sorts of people and just generally delivers on an action level as well. The film is a celebration but at the same time a reminder; it is a recognition, but at the same time an action film and it does hold up in it own little way.I love one of the posters for the film the IMDb and has listed on the film's page and indeed, Wikipedia contains the same image. It's a long and whispy British flag running rings around a black and red Nazi flag of similar style as one climbs victoriously into the sky and the other d…


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