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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Victoria Abril , Penélope Cruz , Demián Bichir , Fanny Ardant , Juan Echanove , Gael García Bernal , Emilio Gutiérrez Caba , Cristina Marcos , Gemma Jones , Bruno Bichir , Elena Anaya , Peter McDonald , Alicia Sánchez , Luis Tosar , Elsa Pataky
Director: Agustín Díaz Yanes
Country: Spain, France, Italy, Mexico
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (3905 votes)

A boxer named Manny, battling a potentially life-threatening brain injury, finds his soul to be the object of a metaphysical fight. Two different supernatural agents are sent to win over his soul to their side: one is an angel from a curious version of Heaven, that looks just like a beatific Paris, and in it everyone speaks French; and the other agent is a waitress from Hell, sent to seduce him to spend his eternity in a red-tinted prison where everyone speaks English. Written by Sujit R. Varma When the leaders of Heaven and Hell, Marina D’Angelo and Davenport respectively, decide to fight for the soul of the decadent boxer Manny, they send their best agents to Earth. The singer Lola Nevado from Heaven and the former gangster Carmen Ramos from Hell are assigned to get his soul, and they have a tough dispute to accomplish their mission.

Film Review

In Agustin Yanes' SIN NOTICIAS DE DIOS (badly translated into English as DON'T TEMPT ME, which in reality should have been NO NEWS FROM GOD), Heaven is a luxurious black-and-white nightclub perpetually set in the Fifties, administered by Marina D'Angelo (Fanny Ardant) and entertained by Lola (Victoria Abril). Hell is a soup kitchen where people speak English, where its administrator (Gael Garcia Bernal) looks like a kingpin right out of "Miami Vice" and where Carmen (Penelope Cruz), a lipstick lesbian works as a waitress, much to her disgust (since she later reveals she was a drug lord on Earth and weeps when seeing GOODFELLAS). Both angels have been summoned by their bosses to claim the soul of one stupid boxer (Demian Bichir). Here is when the story turns into PULP FICTION, but with none of its originality. True, some of the funnier scenes involve business transactions between diplomatic representatives of Heaven and Hell and some rich dialog between Ardant and…

I absolutely loved this film, it was really good, with very good humor and great acting. What I hated to see what some other viewer's comment saying how good it is to see Penelope in some other role than just your average sexy woman with no actual personality.. that's pure nonsense. Penelope has always been a good actress – outside Hollywood. Before making that stupid move, she has been in a great many films with extremely good roles. It took Hollywood to come in to make her "just an attractive woman" in all the movies. Take for example movies from Almodovar… there isn't a single one movie where she is just a pretty face. This movie is from before Hollywood – hence the actual acting.

"Don’t Tempt Me" is a tale of two angels, a sweet woman from Heaven (Abril) and a dyke (Cruz) with a bad attitude from hell, who vie for the soul of a boxer. A lame comedy which goes no place and plays out like 90 minutes of purposeless busy work, this flick is a good example of well done bad ideas. Slammed by the critics for obvious reasons, "Don’t Tempt Me" is one for the dumpster. (C)


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