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Genres: Romance , Family , Comedy
Actors: Anne Stedman , Ken Hudson Campbell , Mark Griffin , Jeffrey Jones , Victor Raider-Wexler , Kevin Pollak , Andy Richter , Elayn J. Taylor , James Avery , Denise Dowse , Lil’ Zane , Kyla Pratt , Raven-Symoné , Kristen Wilson , Eddie Murphy
Director: Steve Carr
Country: United States
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 (23399 votes)

Dr. John Dolittle the beloved doctor is back, but this time around he plays cupid to bumbling circus bear Archie as he’s so smitten by a Pacific Western bear female, Ava. Dr. Dolittle must help a group of forest creatures to save their forest. But with the aid of his mangy, madcap animal friends, Dr. Dolittle must teach Archie the ways of true romance in time to save his species and his home before their habit is gone. So John held a meeting for every animal in the forest to not give up without a fight no matter what kind of animal expression they have and everyone agrees to do it and save their home.

Film Review

Dr.Dolittle 2 is a good family comedy and it is better than the first one. I actually saw this film before the original and I notice a couple differences. Eddie Murphy uses less bad language and is a bit more caring toward his kids. This time around, Dr.John Dolittle has to save a forest by trying to get a circus bear to live in the wild and mate with another bear of his kind. The idea for the plot is nice and the screenplay was better written than the first. Comedy-wise, it still does not reach to my high standards. I had a bit more chuckles than the first one, but not enough. There is actually a score in this film and I like the songs as well. Finally, there are a couple morals in this film such as family or saving nature. This is a good film and I recommend this to everybody. I rate this film a 8/10.

A few months ago, I saw "Doctor Dolittle" (the 1998 remake) for the first time in years. I liked it when I was twelve years old, so I was curious to know what I would think after growing up, despite having low expectations. My expectations were surpassed slightly, but if I had never seen "Dr. Dolittle 2" before, its predecessor wouldn't have been enough to make me interested in seeing it, but I did see it about four years ago, and enjoyed it. I was seventeen, past this movie's targeted audience, but didn't tend to watch a lot of movies at the time. I just watched this sequel again, and my once again low expectations were not surpassed at all.Dr. John Dolittle has become famous for his ability to communicate with animals, but lately, he has also been having trouble with his family. One day, he is brought to the forest to see the Godbeaver, and learns that the forest is rapidly being cut down. The animals who live in this forest are counting on Dr. Dolitt…

I mean it wasn't that horrible, but it was pretty bad. I didn't care for the plot. Actually it was pretty funny–this and Nutty Professor are both remakes, both star Eddie Murphy, and both were funny. But more to it, both had pretty mediocre sequels, and both sequels had a very sexually driven plot. But that's not why I hate this movie. There's way too much pop culture, the jokes weren't really funny, and I just couldn't believe how annoying everything about it was. I really wish I could be more in depth, but sorry, I just don't care about this film. It's more like a repressed memory now, and I only commented here because I was trying to find out what the Spanish Orangutan in the first movie was saying. The original Dr Dolittle with the white guy in it was OK, the first Dr Dolittle with Eddie Murphy was hilarious and a very underrated film, but this movie sucks.


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