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Genres: Comedy , Romance
Actors: Nicholas Downs , David Loren , Adam Huss , Michelle Laurent , Michael Donahue , Bob Rumnock , Bruce Gray , Christopher King , Keith Roenke , Bryce Blais , Christopher Tisa , Jed Bernard , Brian Schulze , Alisa J. Campbell , Brody Kramer
Director: J.C. Calciano
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (426 votes)

Frustrated by his ongoing failure to meet Mr. Right, Blaine stumbles upon what might be his perfect match in an online chat room-Xander, a sweet, hunky guy who’s recently moved to LA. Smitten, Blaine then finds that he’s been chatting to Xander under his go-go dancer roommate’s profile, setting in motion a convoluted comedy of errors with romance as the ultimate objective.

Film Review

And so is this movie… Uneven that is. There are some great, sweet romantic moments and then there are some that you just have to grit your teeth and endure until the movie gets back to being the kind of sappy love story that you love.Some of the lines are wonderful and the situation is a somewhat cyber-twist on the old Cyrano dilemma, but the main characters are all likable and pretty to look at.I would have rated this movie a bit higher but there are just some plot holes and clunky moments that are impossible to ignore. First, the character of Bob, the editor of USA toGay (Or should that be tooGay?) is grating and way over the top in every scene that he's in. I'm guessing that he must had a hand in financing the film. There's no other excuse that I can think of to let him chew the scenery and to have totally unnecessary scenes in an otherwise charming movie.Second, there's a large plot hole in an otherwise credible storyline in that Xander fails to recognize whi…

Ooooohhh La La..La…LA….LA…..Los Angeles! And its happy Gay Boy scene—-was a wild and zany place in Director Todd Stephens' 2001 film and later sequel…..But here it's a quieter and more introspective place, in the script given us by Director J. C. Calciano for his "Is It Just Me?" So, yes, perhaps weirdly, this movie struck me as something of a beginnings…..a buildup to what might come later in the raunch and wild zaniness of Stephens' works. Now choose which suits you better, Mr. / Ms. Viewer: This current, more quietly romantic approach…..or the runaway, sexual hijinks of those earlier works?(( Being upfront with you, I ask that you bear in mind my following thoughts are those of a much older viewer who never learned to care for Stephens' 2-film series. Though I'm sure you younger kids out there are much more appreciative of such works, as well as Calciano's efforts in this new film. Now, to business. ))You've likely already …

This movie is definitely one of the best LGBT films that I've seen, and I hope the IMDb score will start reflecting that as more and more people will come to know it. While it's a simple and clichéd romantic story, most of those that currently exist in the LGBT film genre are quite poor, so for me this comes as a welcome addition. Most of the characters in the movie are stereotypical, but not in a bothersome way. You have the self-deprecating nerd (Blaine), the perfect dream guy (Xander), the jock who's more focused on sex (Cameron), the older eccentric guy who's lived his life alone, the understanding female friend. I have to give a lot of credit to the actors and the script for not making these characters devolve into annoying rehashes of what we've already seen dozens of time. All of the characters are likable and relatable in some way. The movie does not judge any of them, and there's no bad guy. The main actors are all excellent. Nicholas Downs …


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