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Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Sanjay Dutt , Imran Khan , Minissha Lamba , Vidya Malvade , Yasser Assadi , Sophiya Chaudhary , Parth Dave , Sheela David , Rahul Dev , Reema Lagoo , Rushita Pandya , Rajendranath Zutshi
Director: Sanjay Gadhvi
Country: India, China
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 (1107 votes)

Wealthy Vikrant Raina gets the news from his estranged wife, Malika, that their only child, a daughter, Sonia, has been kidnapped. Vikrant is subsequently contacted by the kidnapper, who makes it clear that he does not want any money. Instead he wants Vikrant to perform a number of tasks, including burglary, breaking an inmate out of prison, and murder.

Film Review

This movie from start was ill-conceived. It was too simplistic with no twists and will fail to grab your attention for long.In short, this plot had more holes than swiss cheese. The casting was done by a clueless director. The dialogues were weird and didn't do anything to alleviate the miserable plot. Imran Khan did not look the part of a juvenile delinquent or a boy from an orphanage. He looked more like a spoilt brat trying to get his parents attention by creating a nuisance. He concentrated more on looking cool than actually playing the part. Sanjay Dutt's acting was OK but with a spare tire around his midriff he didn't seem to have too much problems matching step for step in the foot chase with Imran.Vidya Malvade looked too glamorous for a mother, whose child has been kidnapped. She didn't once sob uncontrollably or breakdown. I guess that would have messed up her hair and makeup. This wasn't a role for her. Inspite of being kidnapped, Minisha Lamba didn'…

I expected better. I swear I did – after the renaissance that Jaane Tu… created, I expected much better. But yes, it was a nice watch.I caught the First Day First Show, really eager to watch Imran on-screen again. No doubt his performance has improved since Jaane Tu, but, with Sanjay Dutt in the role he was, it just didn't tick as well as it could have. Minisha was pretty cool, no doubt, so was the mother (and the grandma!), but Sanjay definitely needed a better tone than he was using. There are questions unanswered, like how…? OK, no spoilers, but once you see it you will know.It has a strong storyline, even though I know it's a remake, but Imran handled his role well. The twists were good, it could have been better if the ending was altered a bit… to fit into more of a… classy thing, know what I mean? No spoiling actually, so i can't express myself.Good, Imran, you will definitely reach great heights. Same to you, Minisha.

can't believer this movie, i bet a million bucks if you survive this mindless 'torture' thriller for 2 hrs, first 5 Min's into the movie, you'll be amazed how stupid and mindless so called 'game'its gonna be.yea first 5 Min's into movie, you'll know this movie is all about 'revenge' stuff, then minisha lamba strangely seen in her bikini dancing to a haunting number, which irks every other min, then comes here mother who almost knocks you down with her killer looks, it becomes hard on us to believe shez is a mother of 18 yr old, wel there r many issues,like firstly both mother(vidya) and daughter(minisha) compete in showing so called "glamour" irrespective of the situation there r in, secondly, Songs, they do nothing but make things worse,finally the very lame suspense elements in the movie..make you sick n disgusting. its like buying ticket to 'hell' This is one sick movie i have seen in lOng tym..,


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