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Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Julianne Moore , Jonathan Rhys Meyers , Jeffrey DeMunn , Frances Conroy , Nathan Corddry , Brooklynn Proulx , Brian Anthony Wilson , Joyce Feurring , Steven Rishard , Charles Techman , John Peakes , Michael Graves , Chaz Moneypenny , Charles David Richards , Rick Applegate
Director: Måns Mårlind , Björn Stein
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (13534 votes)

In Missouri, the forensic psychiatrist Cara Jessup rejects the theory of dissociated or multiple personalities and the prisoner of the death row Joseph Kinkirk has no remission from the governor and is sent to lethal injection. Cara is a widow that raises her daughter Sammy with the support of her brother, Stephen Harding, and Catholic that believes in God. Her father, Dr. Harding, invites Cara to interview the patient David Bernburg, who is a sweet man. Out of the blue, David impersonates the aggressive personality of Adam Saber. Cara is intrigued with the mystery and visits David’s mother Mrs. Bernburg (Frances Conroy), who tells her that David had passed away a long time ago. Cara invites Mrs. Bernburg to visit Sam in the hospital and they are surprised with the knowledge of the patient about David’s private life. When Sam shifts his personality to Wesley, Cara decides to go further in her investigation and sooner she learns that each personality is actually a dead person. Further, she discovers that Adam is actually the Rev. Christian Moore, who lived in Burlington, Alabama, in 1889 and survives eating the souls of those who lost the faith in God, and her family is in danger.

Film Review

**SPOILERS** It's when police and court psychiatrist Cara Harding, Julianne Moore,is given a chance to crack the case or mind of the multiple personality effected Adam, Jonathan Rhys Myers, that she soon became a true believer in that being someone else isn't as far fetched as she thought it was. This after making a career of disproving multiple personality syndrome in convicted murderers whom she felt were, with their lawyers and doctors, using it to avoid being executed!It's when Cara traveled to the hill country in rural Pennsylvania where Adam supposedly comes from that the people there, mountain witches, that knew Adam brought out something very odd and strange facts about him. Even though Adam doesn't look a day over 30 he's in fact, by watching a home movie of Adam made in 1918, almost 120 years old! What's more he was killed by the outraged mountain people back then because he tricked them into believing his supernatural powers of healing. It was …

I never heard of this movie!!!! As I do with all psychological mysteries or horrors, I gave it a chance, but I expected very little!!!! I was extremely surprised – memories of seven & silence of the lambs!!! Unlike the recent so called "blockbuster" – Shutter Island!!!!! —- I managed not to figure out the plot of this movie in 18 minutes!!!!!! This is a proper edge of your seat thriller that will keep you compelled until the end. I won't comment anything else on this brilliant movie, simply because, I guarantee that you'll be close to an hour of watching it before – YOU MIGHT REALISE THE PLOT!!!!!!Gerj

I would not write about the plot because it's essential to watch this movie without knowing very much about the story, but I can say that this is a thriller of strong plot, quite different from what I have seen the last years. The Shelter is not a horror movie even though there are many scary scenes but an original thriller which rivet you and keep you interested until the end.Another positive factor in this movie is also the cast,as both Julianne Moore (very experienced in such films)and Jonathan Meyers have a great performance which contributes to the presentation of a film of high level. In general the Shelter is a pleasant surprise during a period when mediocre thrillers are very common….I give 8 to 10 and I strongly recommend it to the thriller-lovers!!!


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