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Genres: Comedy , Romance
Actors: C. Thomas Howell , Rae Dawn Chong , Arye Gross , James Earl Jones , Melora Hardin , Leslie Nielsen , Ann Walker , James Sikking , Max Wright , Jeff Altman , Julia Louis-Dreyfus , Maree Cheatham , Wallace Langham , Eric Schiff , Ron Reagan
Director: Steve Miner
Country: United States
Year: 1986
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10 (4410 votes)

Mark doesn’t expect any problems in going to college: he and his friend have reserved places in Harvard and his parents have the money to pay for his education there. But suddenly his father’s neurotic psychiatrist advises him to go on vacation in Hawaii instead of spending more money on his son. Since Mark wants to keep his lifestyle, including a fancy car and a flat shared with his friend, he seeks financial support. The only foundation which still accepts applications is for blacks only — no problem, with lots of bronzing pills and “soul in his voice” he sets out to Harvard. Soon he has to realize that being black will cause some people to handle him differently.

Film Review

When Soul Man first came out it got razzed terribly for joking about a sensitive topic. I think the critics didn't quite get the film, they thought it was a racist attack on minorities.Set aside scholarships are private and what C. Thomas Howell does is attempt to defraud the givers of said scholarship by passing himself off as black. Picture if you will somebody like Fred Phelps endowing a scholarship to Bob Jones University, the only place I'm aware that would take his money, on someone that Phelps feels reflects his proper and God inspired outlook on the American scene.But it would be legal because it's Phelps's money to do with as he wishes. Now the endowers of that scholarship to Harvard meant it for someone like Rae Dawn Chong. So when Howell grabs it because his parents decide to make him pay his own way and he's too lazy to do it or heaven forfend, go to another law school he is defrauding her.That's the sum and substance of Soul Man. Of course in…

Soul Man (1986) was a terrible movie that was produced during that era of "quality film making" the eighties. Stars like C. Thomas Howell represented the "new generation" of actors. Like many of THE OUTSIDERS alumni. The movie is about a spoiled rich kid who learns from his father that he has to pay for his own college tuition. Not one to spend the next few years of his life paying his way into one of the biggest university’s in the country, C. Thomas Howell does the next best thing besides winning the lottery. He pulls off one the biggest scams in history. Conning the people at Harvard (and the paying audience) into believing he’s a Black man.Well the dude pulls of the scam (defying realism and logic) and lives like a "Black" man for awhile. But this lame knock-off of BLACK LIKE ME is bad (and not in the good way). He has to endure the usual racism and bigotry from the while folks. Good times of a free ride in college don’t last long. He’s outed by some …

Before watching this film, I was never expecting a spectacular movie experience. I'll admit to being a fan of those silly fast paced feel good ending 80s comedies, those early Eddie Murphy or Michael J. Fox films being the best example of these. This is the style I was expecting, and I think is what the director was aiming for, but falling very very far from the mark!The premise could have worked: white kid from rich background decides to pass for a poor black boy to get a scholarship to a top American university. In doing so, he learns harsh lessons about racism and class divides, etc… Plenty of room for some fun jokes, taking the mike out of the real life stereotypes at those top American university establishments, and still come out of it without too much complications and a good morality tale. But what you end up with is a film in which you keep waiting for a really good punchline to arrive, no real surprise turn at any point whatsoever and a lot of pent up frustration by th…


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