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Genres: Action , Adventure
Actors: Williams Belle , Châu Belle Dinh , Malik Diouf , Yann Hnautra , Guylain N’Guba-Boyeke , Charles Perrière , Laurent Piemontesi , Elodie Yung , Santi Sudaros , Burt Kwouk , Ian Kay , Charles Jarman , Gary Stoner , Jason Hunjan , Tony Christian
Director: Julien Seri
Country: France, United Kingdom, Spain
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 4.4/10 (1289 votes)

A Mortal Fighter. An Eternal Combat.

Film Review

A group of friends go to Bangkok and set up a gym, and come across a ruthless gang that works for the Yakuza.I genuinely had high hopes for this film as the producers of District 13 were behind this…But, I realised that it was the producers not the director. The film has awful fight scenes, worthless parkour chase scenes but one thing that really bugged me was the character development, Kenji, seemed to learn Muay Thai within an afternoon.The film was all over the place…at one moment, the characters are best of friends, then they talk about leaving and then they fight, then one character begins to see ghosts and has a vision of the future…not to mention the dress code of some of the baddies…with great big hoods.Tsu played by Elodie Yung, was probably the one thing that kept this movie watchable, she was beautiful and elegant in her fight scenes, sadly the other actors were not.

This is a bad movie If I understand this correctly this is the sequel to a movie about "free runners", the same sort of thing that you saw in B-13, where people run and jump over and around buildings and objects with out a net and with a skill matched only by Spiderman. The first film (as was B-13) was made in connection with Luc Besson, here someone else picks up the rains and it shows. I have not seen the first film and after seeing this I don't know if I ever want to.The plot has a group of these free runners going to China and getting involved with the triads and the Japanese Mafia or some such nonsense. Mostly its an excuse to watch these young athletic guys and girls go running over roof tops and jumping from building to building with out visible means of support. This would be all fine and good if there was anything resembling a story to follow, but there's not. We get a fancy dress party being held in the court yard of a building, when there is a robbery from…

Being a fan of parkour I have to agree they did some pretty amazing stunts,but what it all added up to in the end was a kung-fu movie. I swear, this movie must have the worst plot in history.Everybody fighting everybody for no apparent reason,random action (they fight when they should run and run when they should fight) adding up to a lot of pointless action.It's all so drawn out I stopped watching by the last 20 minutes or so. Good if you're looking for some stunts out of the ordinary category of Hollywood crap,for rainy afternoons.Also be sure to watch the chick that doesn't change facial expressions the whole movie.Also there is no sex in this one, which is pretty amazing by action flick standards.


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