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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Parker Posey , Josh Hamilton , Tori Spelling , Freddie Prinze Jr. , Geneviève Bujold , Rachael Leigh Cook , David Love
Director: Mark Waters
Country: United States
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (5110 votes)

Jackie-O is anxiously awaiting the visit of her brother home for Thanksgiving, but isn’t expecting him to bring a friend. She’s even more shocked to learn that this friend is his fiance. It soon becomes clear that Jackie Kennedy’s obsession is nothing compared to her obsession with her brother, as it also becomes clear she isn’t the only member of the family with problems…

Film Review

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, one of history’s most enigmatic figures, just got a lot more enigmatic. No, "The House of Yes" isn’t about her, but rather a mentally ill young woman (Parker Posey) who calls herself "Jackie-O" and even dresses like the woman. Throughout her life, Jackie-O has gotten what she wants, but things are about to change: her brother has announced that he’s getting married. Thus, Jackie-O can do only one thing: flip. And flip she does…with a vengeance."The House of Yes" is one of those quirky indie flicks (well obviously, if it stars Parker Posey) that you might want to check out whenever possible. Maybe watching it won’t change your life or anything, but it’s still quite interesting. You almost feel like you’re spying on them.

Very few movies based on plays can be successful, but House of Yes is not one of those that fail. It succeeds where others have failed because of the energy put into a film that is mostly dialog. Parker Posey shines as Jackie-O, the mentally troubled sister of Josh Hamilton and Freddy Prinze Jr. Tori Spelling, whose only other film I have enjoyed was Trick, did a great job of playing Jackie-O's doormat.The movie is at its strongest when Parker bares her sadness, always hidden beneath sarcasm. A classic movie of family dysfunction without playing out the same old tired roles. This family is anything but a typical dysfunctional family and though they all appear to be nuts, part of you wants to run out and find a family just like them, because looking past all of the sarcasm and insults, you sense and feel the love.I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see strong acting. Parker Posey is on top of her game here.

This seems to one of those films that you’re either going to love or hate. I happen to fall unapologetically into the former category, though I can easily see why others disagree. It’s Whit Stillman meets Hal Hartley meets David Mamet meets "Fight Club" in its warped comedic sensibility, and if you’re down with that…well, pleased to meet you.The film is based on Wendy MacLeod’s stage play, and Mark Waters allows it to wear that on its sleeve. It’s all about the dialogue, which isn’t like anything what the characters would actually say, but it’s hard to doubt that it’s what they feel.If you like deadpan humor, you need to see this one. Oh yeah, and Parker Posey has never been more fun to watch.


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