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Genres: Sci-Fi , Mystery , Horror
Actors: Joel Polis , Donald Moffat , Richard Masur , Peter Maloney , Charles Hallahan , Richard Dysart , Keith David , David Clennon , T.K. Carter , Wilford Brimley , Kurt Russell , Thomas G. Waites , Norbert Weisser , Larry J. Franco , Nate Irwin
Director: John Carpenter
Country: United States
Year: 1982
IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 (151759 votes)

An American scientific expedition to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic is interrupted by a group of seemingly mad Norwegians pursuing and shooting a dog. The helicopter pursuing the dog crashes leaving no explanation for the chase. During the night, the dog mutates and attacks other dogs in the cage and members of the team that investigate. The team soon realises that an alien life-form with the ability to take over other bodies is on the loose and they don’t know who may already have been taken over.

Film Review

John Carpenter's remake is yet another example of a remake outshining the original. While every critic in the world thinks "The Thing From Another World" is a better film, it doesn't come close to the claustrophobic atmosphere and the sheer horrific gross out factor of f Carpenter's film. Of the two, "The Thing" is more pure horror.So a group of scientists in the Antarctic are just kind of doing their everyday thing, which is nothing, until a helicopter shows up and starts shooting at a dog. One of the scientists is hit, and the guy in the helicopter is killed. Confused, some of the scientists visit the camp the pilot came from, while the dog is put with the others.In the camp they find a burned body of something that doesn't appear human, but turns out to be. They also find a video of the camp digging a ship out of the ice. So on a return trip, they find a rectangular hole in the ice which appears to be where there was once a body.The dog then …

Along with Alien, this is hands-down one of the greatest sci-fi horrors ever made. But in many ways, the monstrous horror of the creature is almost secondary to the paranoia of the men and the claustrophobia of the surroundings. As with Alien, everything about this movie is perfect – from the pitch-perfect casting choices, through the script, the production design and the brilliantly appropriate music score, to the fantastically gory effects courtesy of the FX genius that is Rob Bottin. And talking of the special effects, the mechanical effects of this movie are in my opinion infinitely better than anything CGI can produce. The way they move seems so much more alien than the fluid movements you get from CGI.Everything in this move all just simply… WORKS.If you've never seen this classic, I throughly recommend it to see a director at the top of his game, and a movie that doesn't pander to Hollywood committee-based decision-making unlike so many of today's movies. Aweso…

When I first saw this movie at the ripe old age of 9, I was beyond terrified. John Carpenter's sci-fi horror masterpiece about a shapeshifting alien gave me nightmares for years. After another 30 years and about 50 more viewings, it isn't frightening to me anymore, but that hasn't diminished the value of this tense and suspenseful classic. The critics liked Starman more, and Halloween was more influential, but The Thing is John Carpenter's best movie – no frigging contest. Considering how many great movies Carpenter made in the '70s and '80s, that's saying a lot.In the late '70s and early '80s, the horror genre hit its peak. Ideas were still fresh, but the taboos that kept the truly horrifying movies like The Shining and The Exorcist off the screen were gone. Young directors like John Carpenter brought inspiration and energy to the medium. Without $100 Million CG animation budgets, directors were free to focus on storytelling and scrip…


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