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Genres: Drama , Biography , History
Actors: Matthew Mills , Ioan Gruffudd , Tom Wilkinson , Zoë Wanamaker , Michael Sheen , Judy Parfitt , Gemma Jones , Jennifer Ehle , Vanessa Redgrave , Jude Law , Stephen Fry , Jason Morell , Peter Barkworth , Robert Lang , Philip Locke
Director: Brian Gilbert
Country: Japan, Germany, United Kingdom
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (8758 votes)

The story of Oscar Wilde, genius, poet, playwright and the First Modern Man. The self-realization of his homosexuality caused Wilde enormous torment as he juggled marriage, fatherhood and responsibility with his obsessive love for Lord Alfred Douglas, nicknamed Bosie. After legal action instigated by Bosie’s father, the enraged Marquise of Queensberry, Wilde refused to flee the country and was sentenced to two years at hard labor by the courts of an intolerant Victorian society. Written by Peter Samuelson The Irish writer Oscar Wilde returns to London from America and gets married with Constance Lloyd Wilde in the Victorian England. They have two children, Cyril and Vyvyan, and he makes lots of money with his successful plays. He gets close to the young Robbie Ross and “leaves the closet”, assuming his homosexuality and having brief affairs with youths. When he meets the corrupt Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas, he falls in love for the young man; but Bosie’s father goes to the court accusing the writer “posing sodomite” and Wilde is sentenced to two years of hard labor. His health is affected by the unhealthy conditions in prison and he has a short life in Paris after being discharged from the imprisonment.

Film Review

I was really looking forward to seeing this film, as I am very fond of Oscar Wilde's work. The Importance of Being Earnest is absolutely delightful, and The Selfish Giant I fell in love with on first hearing at primary school and still have affection for it. So what did I think of Wilde? Seriously, I think this film is wonderful. It is the sort of film that is very thought-provoking, intelligent and desperately sad. The exploration of male love is quite graphic and it mayn't be to everyone's tastes, but I thought it was done with real sensitively and care.Wilde certainly looks beautiful- the scenery is striking, the cinematography is breathtaking and the costumes are wondrous. Another asset I loved was the music score, it was absolutely gorgeous, almost reminiscent of a John Barry score. I also feel it is underrated too, very touching and really gives the film the emotional punch it has. Wilde is also beautifully written, the references to The Selfish Giant are very mov…

Stephen Fry, alleged comedian, claims to enjoy a passing physical resemblance to the real Oscar Wilde (lost on me!) He is also gay. This 1997 film was the culmination of several years’ courtship with the Oscar legend, with Fry asserting that he was "born to be Wilde". This bowdlerised piece of saccharine is a serious disappointment. Worst of all, it deliberately dodges the truth.Every generation concocts its own ways of lying. The 1960 treatment of the same material, "The Trials of Oscar Wilde", managed to avoid all talk of homosexuality – which is rather like making a film about J.P. Morgan without mentioning money. "Wilde" is even more dishonest than that. If your aim is to canonise the man, then you are under a duty to tell the truth.To the public, Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was a writer and late Victorian poseur who went to prison for being a homosexual. From our 21st-century vantage point, his was a kind of martyrdom. It seems barbaric to p…

This is about the famous writer Oscar Wilde, and his forbidden love in the intolerant society.I watched this film two times already, and I really like it. Stephen Fry and Jude Law both give incredible performances. The script is able to portray their untainted and pure love. Their yearning for each other grips me very much. Jude Law portrays Brosie's spoiled personality well. The scene where Brosie intentionally sits in the middle of the restaurant with Wilde is particularly memorable.The story is touching and engaging, making me wanting more. Stephen Fry must be commended for selecting Jude Law, who was not as much of a superstar at that time, as his on screen partner. Orlando Bloom's brief appearance as one of the boys certainly comes as a surprise. Stephen Fry's eye for hot male stars is certainly to be admired!


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