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Genres: Horror , Thriller
Actors: Aaron Paul , Justin Allen , Mike Erwin , Jake Frigerio , Ruthanne Gibson , Kelly Kruger , Jordan Yale Levine , Chris Mastro , Scoot McNairy , Roger Perry , Bevin Prince , Ariel Monica Putman , Cameron Richardson , Erin Soto , Lars Van Wells
Director: John Mallory Asher
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 (113 votes)

Beware. The spare parts may be your own

Film Review

Four friends (two of which are engaged) hit the road for a road trip, until trouble happens & their vehicle kicks out. Finding a junkyard that is closed down for the evening, the group jumps the fence & tries to salvage some car parts, however after an accident occurs that wounds one of the girls, her fiancée goes for help. When he comes back with the police & paramedics, he finds they are all gone. Unfortunately it just so happens a killer is on the loose after an escape from a prison & is still on the grounds & is attempting to do them all in one by one. WRECKAGE is a slightly above mediocre horror outing, that unfortunately fails to become all it could have been. The film actually opens up in the mid 90's where two boys watching cartoons are hassled & physically assaulted by their mothers trash boyfriend. Shooting him dead, the one boy then turns the gun & shoots his verbally abusive mother at the same time. Then the film cuts to the pre…

I had mixed feelings the whole way through this movie and let me tell you I tried so hard to like this. I really tried. Mike Erwin is gorgeous and also a terrific actor, and watching him is always fun. All I could wonder is why someone like him is in something like this because this is a mess of a movie! First of all, the opening scene is poorly acted, and this is just one of many poorly acted scene's throughout the movie. You cant expect much, if you see the trailer, you can tell this movie is probably bad, there was probably a next to nothing budget, but at least it should be entertaining. There are parts that give it a thrill, but for every good scene there is a terrible scene following. Scoot McNairy is actually really funny in his character and this is truly a redeeming quality since the scene right before this shows a dead girl hanging and her arms actually move…and not in an undead sort of way, more like a "I guess there was no editing in this movie" kind of wa…

Getting trapped in a car junkyard after breaking in to find spare parts to fix their stranded car, a group of friends find themselves attacked by a masked madman who begins killing them one-by-one, forcing them into a deadly struggle to get out alive.A somewhat flawed slasher effort here, which really could've been quite entertaining had it not focused on the stupidity for the sake of delivering a clever twist. While the twist here is indeed clever in concept, it really makes no sense as to why it was included here because an explanation isn't offered due to it being discovered so late into the film leaving the entire twist to be relegated to an afterthought, as well as the fact that it makes specific events in the film quite contradictory due to what happens due to the revelation offered. It's the worst kind of twist and is featured here, which also harms the film due to a lame body count offered up as well. This could've been quite good because there's some …


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