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Download Wreckage Full Movie | The Whole Film Of Wreckage

Genres: Horror , Thriller
Actors: Aaron Paul , Justin Allen , Mike Erwin , Jake Frigerio , Ruthanne Gibson , Kelly Kruger , Jordan Yale Levine , Chris Mastro , Scoot McNairy , Roger Perry , Bevin Prince , Ariel Monica Putman , Cameron Richardson , Erin Soto , Lars Van Wells
Director: John Mallory Asher
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 (113 votes)

Beware. The spare parts may be your own

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Download Dirty Full Movie | Download Dirty Film Legally

Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Frank Alvarez , Clifton Collins Jr. , Brittany Daniel , Keith David , Robert ‘Lil Rob’ Flores , Aimee Garcia , Cesar Garcia , Nicholas Gonzalez , Cuba Gooding Jr. , Kevin Grevioux , Wood Harris , Cole Hauser , Wyclef Jean , Pat Healy , Tory Kittles
Director: Chris Fisher
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 5.5/10 (3728 votes)

In a Los Angeles dominated by violent gangs and a corrupt LAPD Precinct, the dirty Officer Armando Sancho is haunted by his guilty since an innocent old man was accidentally killed in an operation with his also dirty partner Salim Adel. The Internal Affairs is pressing Sancho, who feels split between the loyalty to his mates and his conscience, and he has to make a statement at 6:00 PM. When his superiors Captain Spain and his Lieutenant assign the two cops for an operation dealing drugs apprehended by the police and stored as evidence with a powerful drug dealer, Sancho feels that something is wrong and they have been framed.

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Download Ice Station Zebra Full Movie | Download Of Ice Station Zebra Movie

Genres: Action , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Rock Hudson , Ernest Borgnine , Patrick McGoohan , Jim Brown , Tony Bill , Lloyd Nolan , Alf Kjellin , Gerald S. O’Loughlin , Ted Hartley , Murray Rose , Ron Masak , Sherwood Price , Lee Stanley , Joseph Bernard , John Orchard
Director: John Sturges
Country: United States
Year: 1968
IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 (4630 votes)

Commander James Ferraday, USN, has new orders: get David Jones, a British civilian, Captain Anders, a tough Marine with a platoon of troops, Boris Vasilov, a friendly Russian, and the crew of the nuclear sub USS Tigerfish to the North Pole to rescue the crew of Drift Ice Station Zebra, a weather station at the top of the world. The mission takes on new and dangerous twists as the crew finds out that all is not as it seems at Zebra, and that someone will stop at nothing to prevent the mission from being completed.

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Download Kidnap Full Movie | How To Download Kidnap Movie

Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Sanjay Dutt , Imran Khan , Minissha Lamba , Vidya Malvade , Yasser Assadi , Sophiya Chaudhary , Parth Dave , Sheela David , Rahul Dev , Reema Lagoo , Rushita Pandya , Rajendranath Zutshi
Director: Sanjay Gadhvi
Country: India, China
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 4.5/10 (1107 votes)

Wealthy Vikrant Raina gets the news from his estranged wife, Malika, that their only child, a daughter, Sonia, has been kidnapped. Vikrant is subsequently contacted by the kidnapper, who makes it clear that he does not want any money. Instead he wants Vikrant to perform a number of tasks, including burglary, breaking an inmate out of prison, and murder.

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Download Shelter Full Movie | Shelter Movie To Download Full

Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Julianne Moore , Jonathan Rhys Meyers , Jeffrey DeMunn , Frances Conroy , Nathan Corddry , Brooklynn Proulx , Brian Anthony Wilson , Joyce Feurring , Steven Rishard , Charles Techman , John Peakes , Michael Graves , Chaz Moneypenny , Charles David Richards , Rick Applegate
Director: Måns Mårlind , Björn Stein
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (13534 votes)

In Missouri, the forensic psychiatrist Cara Jessup rejects the theory of dissociated or multiple personalities and the prisoner of the death row Joseph Kinkirk has no remission from the governor and is sent to lethal injection. Cara is a widow that raises her daughter Sammy with the support of her brother, Stephen Harding, and Catholic that believes in God. Her father, Dr. Harding, invites Cara to interview the patient David Bernburg, who is a sweet man. Out of the blue, David impersonates the aggressive personality of Adam Saber. Cara is intrigued with the mystery and visits David’s mother Mrs. Bernburg (Frances Conroy), who tells her that David had passed away a long time ago. Cara invites Mrs. Bernburg to visit Sam in the hospital and they are surprised with the knowledge of the patient about David’s private life. When Sam shifts his personality to Wesley, Cara decides to go further in her investigation and sooner she learns that each personality is actually a dead person. Further, she discovers that Adam is actually the Rev. Christian Moore, who lived in Burlington, Alabama, in 1889 and survives eating the souls of those who lost the faith in God, and her family is in danger.

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Download Borderland Full Movie | The Whole Film Of Borderland

Genres: Crime , Horror , Thriller
Actors: Brian Presley , Rider Strong , Jake Muxworthy , Beto Cuevas , Martha Higareda , Sean Astin , Damián Alcázar , Marco Bacuzzi , Roberto Sosa , José María Yazpik , Humberto Busto , Elizabeth Cervantes , Francesca Guillén , Alenka Rios , Tomas Goros
Director: Zev Berman
Country: Mexico, United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (5426 votes)

Three college students, Phil, Ed, and Henry take a road trip into Mexico for a week of drinking and carefree fun only to have Phil find himself a captive of a group of satanic Mexican drug smugglers who kill tourists and whom are looking for a group of new ones to prepare for a sacrifice.

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Download Cash on Demand Full Movie | Cash on Demand Film Images

Genres: Crime , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Peter Cushing , André Morell , Richard Vernon , Norman Bird , Barry Lowe , Kevin Stoney , Edith Sharpe , Lois Daine , Alan Haywood , Vera Cook , Charles Morgan , Gareth Tandy , Fred Stone
Director: Quentin Lawrence
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1962
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (225 votes)

A ruthless crook abducts the wife and child of a bank manager and then masquerades as an insurance company detective while scheming to rob the institution in this crime drama. Unfortunately, some of the manager’s employees learn about the plot and the terrified manager must beg them to remain silent. Fortunately, the cops have been on the case all along.

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Download Mercenary for Justice Full Movie | Where To Watch The Full Mercenary for Justice Movie

Genres: Action , Drama , Thriller
Actors: Steven Seagal , Jacqueline Lord , Roger Guenveur Smith , Luke Goss , Michael Kenneth Williams , Adrian Galley , Langley Kirkwood , Vivian Bieldt , Verity Price , Bruce Young , Peter Butler , Farouk Valley-Omar , Tumi Mogoje , Faye Peters , Zaa Nkweta
Director: Don E. FauntLeRoy
Country: Aruba, United States, South Africa
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 3.9/10 (2124 votes)

Mercenary John Seeger is one of the best in the business. John and his crew are battling some French soldiers on the French-controlled Galmoral Island in Southern Africa as they’re trying to rescue the French Ambassador — there’s a coup going on. John gets angry when some of his soldiers unload their machine guns into the Ambassador and his family, blowing the mission and getting his best friend Radio Jones killed. John goes back to the U.S.A. and goes to the home of Radio’s wife Shondra, tells her the news, and then promises her that he’ll take care of her and her son Eddie. But shortly after he makes that vow, Shondra and Eddie get kidnapped. They were kidnapped by a CIA faction led by CIA dirty deeds man John Dresham and his boss, CIA Black Ops producer Anthony Chapel, who want to force John into doing a mission for them. Kamal Dasan, the son of prominent gun runner Ahmet Dasan, has been arrested and thrown into the Randveld Prison outside of Cape Town, South Africa, and Chapel tells John that John must go there and break Kamal out of prison if John wants to see Shondra and Eddie alive again. What they don’t tell John is that there’s an ulterior motive at work, and that they intend to use John as a patsy in their plan to rip off a highly secured African bank, and they don’t care who gets killed in the process. And it turns out that the whole thing on Galmoral Island was a screw-job engineered by Dresham and Chapel. After John and his crew break Kamal out and stop the robbery at the bank, John sets out to rescue Shondra and Eddie from Dresham and Chapel. Written by Todd Baldridge Seagal plays a CIA covert operative who is forced into helping a team of mercenaries stage a jailbreak for a wealthy client when his best friend’s wife and son are kidnapped by the same mercenaries. All the while the CIA are in pursuit in an attempt to silence Seagal.

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Download The Parallax View Full Movie | How To Download The Parallax View Movie

Genres: Thriller
Actors: Warren Beatty , Paula Prentiss , William Daniels , Walter McGinn , Hume Cronyn , Kelly Thordsen , Chuck Waters , Earl Hindman , William Joyce , Bettie Johnson , Bill McKinney , Jo Ann Harris , Ted Gehring , Lee Pulford , Doria Cook-Nelson
Director: Alan J. Pakula
Country: United States
Year: 1974
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (7333 votes)

Joe Frady is a determined reporter who often needs to defend his work from colleagues. After the assassination of a prominent U.S. senator, Frady begins to notice that reporters present during the assassination are dying mysteriously. After getting more involved in the case, Frady begins to realize that the assassination was part of a conspiracy somehow involving the Parallax Corporation, an enigmatic training institute. He then decides to enroll for the Parallax training himself to discover the truth.

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Download An American Werewolf in Paris Full Movie | Quality The An American Werewolf in Paris Full Movie

Genres: Horror , Romance , Thriller
Actors: Tom Everett Scott , Julie Delpy , Vince Vieluf , Phil Buckman , Julie Bowen , Pierre Cosso , Thierry Lhermitte , Tom Novembre , Maria Machado , Ben Salem Bouabdallah , Serge Basso , Charles Maquignon , Jochen Schneider , Alan McKenna , Hervé Sogne
Director: Anthony Waller
Country: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United States, France
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (13963 votes)

The daughter of the werewolf from AWIL is alive and living in Paris where her mother (from the first film) and stepfather are trying to overcome her lycanthropic disease. A trio of American tourists on a thrill seeking trip around Europe manage to stop her from plunging to her death from the top of the Eiffel tower and are embroiled in a horrific but often hilarious plot involving a secret society of werewolves based in the city and a drug which allows werewolves to change at any time… This time there’s no need for a full moon…

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